Types of PN16 & PN40 Valves

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Angle Valve Flanged End Angle Valve Flanged End PN16 & PN40

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems use

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PN16 Non Return Valve PN16 Non Return Valve PN16 Flanged End

The automated PN16 Non-Return Valve is made to avoid flow reversal in fluid pipe..

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PN40 Non Return Valve PN40 Non Return Valve PN40 Flanged End

The PN40 Non-Return Valve is appropriate for use in industrial settings..

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PN16 Globe Valve PN16 Globe Valve PN16 Flanged End

The Cast Steel Globe Valve PN16 has a cast steel body and stainless steel trim..

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PN64 Globe Valve PN64 Globe Valve PN64 Flanged End

Due to the flow direction, the Cast Steel Globe Valve PN64 only functions..

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PN100 Globe Valve PN100 Globe Valve PN100 Flanged End

We offer cast steel globe valves of the finest quality. Cast steel is used in constructing..

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