Tee Type Strainer

Cast Steel

Tee Type Strainer

A specially built compound strainer called a "Tee Type Strainer" is used to remove foreign impurities from pipelines. The Tee Type Strainer, commonly referred to as the bathtub strainer is a permanent filter in big-bore lines with a diameter of 2 inches and above. They might be flanged or welded to the pipe network on which they are placed. Tee Style Strainers are a reasonably priced choice for high nominal bore straining requirements. They can be made for right-angled installations and in vertical or horizontal pipes. Click here to purchase right away from AtoZ Engineers!

  1. Long life and durability
  2. Installation of the strainer is easy
  3. Excellent performance
  4. The construction of the strainers is robust and free from corrosion
  5. Economic price range

Technical Details :

Size : 1Inch to 32Inch
Material : Cast Steel
Finishing : Polish
Packaging Type : Box
Shape : Tee Shape
Media : Air, Gas, Water
End Connection : Flange End
Operating Temperature : 150 Deg C
Usage/Application : Industrial